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I’ve had some questions recently about my Craft Workspace in my Studio so thought it might be a good idea to share some of the details here in a permanent Blog Post.

If you’ve been following me for a while you will know I am a BIG Fan of Ikea and with my Dad’s Business – Cork Delivery Service – offering Dublin to Cork Ikea Delivery Runs every couple of weeks, this only helps feed my shopping habit even more!!

Printer/Paper/Bows/Buttons Area!

I’m a bit OCD so love simple storage solutions to keep things organised.  The Desk here is the Micke Desk which houses my printer, guillotine and paper stock.  The Magazine Rack can be hung on the wall or put in a drawer and is such a handy cheap storage option.

Above this desk, I have 3 Mosslanda Picture Ledges – 1 for my ribbon and 2 for all my buttons, bows and embellishments which I keep in these Rajtan Spice Jars and are only €1.75 for a pack of 4!

Workspace Area

This Desk is also a Micke Desk but is the longer version of my other desk.  I have 2 Stefan Chairs with Pink Reversible Elsebet Chair Pads (these are the beige ones as the pink ones seem to be discontinued).  I also have this very cheap Fniss Bin under the desk.

I use these Skurar Plant Pots to store my brushes and the Brass Daidai Plant Pots for my markers.

Above this desk I have 3 of the Bekvan Spices Racks (they come in Birch but I painted them white) and I keep all my craft paints here which are also stored in the Rajtan Spice Jars.

Across from these I have 3 of the Sunnersta Rails which are only €2.50 each and 12 of the Sunnersta Containers at only €1 each – these hold all of my MDF Craft Shapes. I also have some Sunnersta Hooks which are very handy for hanging your tools eg. scissors from and these are only €1 for a pack of 5 – such amazing value!

So that’s basically it – my little Studio Craft Corner which you might have noticed is very similar to my Home Craft Room! The simplicity of it really works for me though and it makes my work so much easier with everything being visible and close to hand.

I have also used some of these items for my kids’ new playroom which I will share in a Blog Post as soon as it is finalised – I’m just waiting on a couch from… Ikea!!!

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