DIY Teddy Bear Headbands

Supplies Used for this Project:

Felt Sheets in your choice of Colour

Needle & Thread

Thin Headbands

Cotton Wool

Paper & Scissors

Cute Little Helper!

First Step is to cut a strip of felt long enough to cover your Headband.
As this was a last minute project for a Teddy Bear’s Picnic, I only had limited pieces of felt leftover in my Craft Room. Eva wanted to be able to use her Headbands again so I left them unstitched at the end allowing us to slip off the ears again afterwards.
Roughly (as you can see!!) top stitch the strip of felt around the headband.
Eva was well impressed by how soft the headband felt with the eh..felt!!
Next step is to draw your Outer and Inner Ear Template, but just cut out your Outer Ear for the moment. You will need 4 of the Outer pieces for each Headband. Again as I was limited with the amount of felt I had to hand, my ears are a little on the small side for my liking!
Once you have traced and cut out your Outer Ear pieces, you can now go ahead and cut out the Inner Ear Template.
Trace your Template onto your chosen felt and cut out. You will need 2 pieces for each Headband. I was making 2!
Arrange your pieces ready for stitching, making sure the pen markings are on the inside!
Top stitch the inner piece onto the front outer piece first.
Then top stitch the back piece to the front & stuff with some cotton wool.
The Ear is now ready to be stitched onto the headband.
Repeat the steps above for the Second Ear.

And there you have your Teddy Bear Headband!

It’s such a simple and effective little project which you could repeat for any occasion like Crowns or a Unicorn Horn for Birthday Parties, Devil Horns for Halloween or Bunny Ears for Easter. Just draw out your template idea on Paper, top stitch it and stuff with cotton wool to help it stand upright.
Never did I see a Cuter Little Bear matching her Bear!
We just popped on one of Eva’s Bow Clips onto the Teddy Ear.
My Baby Bears ready for the Teddy Bears Picnic at The Donkey Sanctuary!
Let us know if you give it a Try and tag us in your Pics on Instagram! @jessicaloves_xx

If you would like to watch our DIY Teddy Bear Headband Video, head over to my IGTV here.

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