DIY Leprechaun Lookers!

Supplies Used for this Project:

Empty Toilet Roll Holders

Frog Tape or Green Paper

Decorative Wool or Ribbon and Embellishments

Glue or Pritt Stick


Cute Little Helpers!

Ready for some St. Patrick’s Day Crafting Fun!! 😀
Wrap your Frog Tape or Green Paper around each Toilet Roll Holder, then wrap some ribbon or wool around the top edge of each one and glue them together.

Stick on some embellishments (whatever you have lying around!) and glue the toilet roll holders together.

Punch holes at either side of the bottom of the tubes and tie some wool around to create a neck strap and there you have it – easy peasy!
Ready to Look for some Leprechauns!

If you would like to watch our DIY Leprechauns Lookers Video, head over to my IGTV here.

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